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Hot Event and Conferences Entertainment in 2024

Updated: Jan 12

In the heart of the UK's bustling conference scene, from the architectural grandeur of London to the historic charm of Edinburgh, there's a growing trend that's transforming the way events are experienced. Racing simulators and Batak Reaction Tests are emerging as the go-to entertainment options, offering a unique blend of thrill and engagement. This blog explores how these innovative solutions are redefining entertainment at UK conference centres.

Racing Simulators: A High-Octane Addition to Conferences

Imagine stepping out of a keynote speech and straight into the driver's seat of an F1 simulator. This can be a reality at UK conference centres and other event spaces, where racing simulators are being used by savvy event planners to inject adrenaline and excitement into corporate events. Companies like Virtually Entertained are leading the charge, providing state-of-the-art F1 and GT-style simulators that offer realistic and immersive racing experiences.

These simulators are not just about fun; they offer significant benefits:

  • Networking Accelerated: Racing simulators encourage interaction among attendees, breaking down barriers and fostering connections in a relaxed, exhilarating environment.

  • Branding Opportunities: With custom branding options, businesses can showcase their logos and messages on the simulators, turning entertainment into a powerful marketing tool.

  • Team Building: Engaging in friendly competition, employees can bond and build team spirit, making simulators an excellent choice for corporate retreats and team-building exercises.

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F1 style racing simulators for a UK conference with custom branding

Batak Reaction Test: Boosting Engagement and Competition

Alongside racing simulators, the Batak Reaction Test is another entertainment marvel gaining popularity in UK conference centres. This interactive game challenges participants to test and improve their reaction time by hitting randomly lit lights on a board, perfect for energizing guests and sparking a bit of friendly competition.

The advantages of Batak Reaction Tests are numerous:

  • Inclusivity: Suitable for all ages and abilities, Batak offers a universal appeal, ensuring every attendee can join in the fun.

  • Customization: Like the simulators, Batak machines can be branded for corporate events, aligning with the company’s branding strategy.

  • Compact and Versatile: Batak's compact size makes it ideal for conference centres where space is at a premium, offering flexibility in setup.

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Batak reaction test hire is a great option for events at conference
Conclusion: A New Era of Conference Entertainment

As we look towards the future of event planning in the UK, it's clear that interactive and engaging entertainment options like racing simulators and Batak Reaction Tests are at the forefront. They offer more than just amusement; they provide a platform for networking, team building, and marketing, all while enhancing the overall event experience.

Whether you're an event organiser planning a conference in London or a business owner looking to add a unique touch to your corporate event in Glasgow, consider these innovative entertainment solutions. With companies like Virtually Entertained paving the way, it's time to shift gears and race towards a more engaging, thrilling, and memorable event experience.


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