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Le Mans and Endurance Esports

Endurance racing is a form of motorsport meant to test the durability of equipment and endurance of participants. With the 86th running of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend, we thought it would be an appropriate time to look back at some of the endurance events we have competed in and organised.

Virtually Entertained are no strangers to the world of Endurance Racing. We are all racers at heart - we’ve seen both the extreme high and lows of such an emotional race, both on track and in a sim. Our team have the experience of working at Le Mans for 7 years, driven and won their class in the Britcar 24 Hour at Silverstone, competed in various 24 Hour Karting events in the UK and Belgium as well as endurance events on two wheels.

We’ve brought this racing spirit to the esports world and organised multiple 24 hour sim racing endurance events which have taken place in-person at venues.

The most important aspect of any endurance race is the teamwork and camaraderie shown by the team. Whether it is experiencing success or facing adversity, Virtually Entertained know how to keep a cool head and to never give up, on track or behind race control.

Our first 24 hour sim racing event, the Thrustmaster 24 Hours of Estoril had our team organising a successful sold out event on the rFactor2 platform with GTE cars. From the event organisation, through to technical support, driving in the event, and broadcasting the entire event uninterrupted to YouTube for the duration of the event in 1080p and 60fps.

From here, we have run a two more rFactor 2 24 Hour races, at Interlagos and Suzuka – the latter having an epic battle with just 40 minutes to go between Coanda Simsport’s Joni Takanen and 130 Racing’s Jesper Pedersen, the highlight can be seen here: During this race, we had the wonderful team from WTF1 participating and bringing onboard their loyal following that commented and stayed with us throughout the event - one person even travelled 4 hours during the event to meet their heroes live at the race!

Our team didn’t stop there, just a week after the 24 Hours of Suzuka, our team were back running the technical support, organisation and broadcasting for the McLaren’s Worlds Fastest Gamer Le Mans 24 Hour on iRacing in the highly secretive McLaren Technology Centre after a week of event setup, organisation and broadcasting.

Whether you are running an endurance race or sprint race, our expertise in event management, technical support and broadcasting capabilities are unmatched and being racers first, we understand the motorsport industry. Whatever the result, competitors walk away with stories and experience they relive with their team mates for years, creating lasting memories and forming bonds for life.

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