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Virtually Skiing

We were approached by Hettle Andrews, a Chartered Insurance Broker, to think of a unique way to engage with their delegates at the ISBA 2018 Conference in Brighton.

Virtually Entertained proposed a Virtual Skiing experience as a fun and exciting way for delegates to get involved, spectate and talk to the client on the stand. This provided a focal point for many event attendees who were intrigued by the concept and the implementation.

Leaning to control the skier, the challenge was to make it down the alpine course in the fastest time through the 15 gates. The fastest times recorded and added to a leaderboard, and the winners of each day went home with a bottle of champagne, encouraging delegates to check the client’s social media channels for updates throughout the day for those who were competitive.

Working with the stand designer, it was important to have a clean VR installation, with all cabling routed out of sight behind the stand walls and the PC installed into the store room. We used an HTC Vive with a single sensor in standing mode to reduce the space required for the VR experience. Space on the stand was limited so room scale was not a suitable option. A large TV for a spectator view was provided giving an additional way to observe the activity.

Alex Hettle, Marketing and Operations Assistant at Hettle Andrews said "Darren was a great source of support he was really helpful to the guys at the exhibition so please pass on our thanks. I had a go at the game on Tuesday when I was there for set up and thought it was brilliant, I had never played a vr game before and was surprised how real it was... I was rubbish at it though but that is all part of the fun."

VR is an exciting and engaging concept and perfect for use at conferences and trade shows. Having an interactive element to the stand is a proven way to engage with delegates and existing customers and provides talking point.

We have many different VR experiences available for use at trade shows and conferences and will always work with the client to find the perfect experience for their stand. All our experiences are professionally installed, and risk assessments provided to give the client a fun and unique way to engage with the attendees.

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