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Davanti Tyres VR Experience at Japfest

We were asked by the wonderful marketing team at Davanti Tyres to bring down two immersive VR simulators to their stand at Japfest. It was a just a few minutes away from our office and we were more than happy to help out.

For this brand awareness exercise, we deployed two GT-style simulators with a single screen but importantly using the HTC Vive VR headset. The VR headset was an absolute hit with the festival’s attendees with many of the drivers experiencing high-end virtual reality for the very first time. It’s very important to use the highest quality computer components with VR to ensure drivers don’t feel sick or disorientated and we bought some of the latest machinery running i7 7700k processors with NVIDIA GTX1080Ti graphics cards.

Despite working every day from our office at Silverstone, it’s rare for the place to be bathed in so much sunshine! The virtual reality simulators were perfect to cope with the weather as they mean that we would not need to worry about the glare from the screens and transported the drivers to their own world within their Nissan GTR.

Davanti Tyres also made use of our track branding service and we were able implement their logo within the simulation. This meant that drivers and spectators would see the logo every time they went past a bridge.

Track branding for VR racing simulators

Daniel Purcell, International Sales and Marketing Executive from Davanti Tyres said “the team was delighted to have you guys on the stand and also very impressed with the outcome and engagement - great job!”

All of our simulators are perfect to use for car shows, exhibitions, conferences, esports events and much more! If you are interested in using our virtual reality simulators for your own brand awareness event or activation please get in touch.

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