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Forming Partnerships: Not All About Money

I think that it’s really important that you closely examine why you entered business. Was it for fame, fortune or something bigger? Of course, all of us want financial stability for yourself and your family but for me there’s something more important – what are you aiming to achieve in business?

For me, I want to ensure that eSports and more specifically the sub-genre of sim racing becomes a globally accepted form of entertainment with high levels of engagement and enjoyment from spectators. I genuinely believe that sim racing is now the most pure form of motorsport, allowing drivers to compete on an equal level – this generally produces the closes and most exciting racing. For me to achieve that goal, Virtually Entertained will need to work with other companies and influential people. Companies can become closely associated with the events, generating exposure and marketing value. They can either sponsor an event run directly by us or we can assist them in creating their own shockwaves within the eSports industry with their own event.

I think of almost every interaction in terms of ‘how can we help each other?’ or ‘why would be a good fit for each other?’. If the circumstances are right and I can come up with a good answer to these questions, then there’s the potential for a collaboration. Partnerships should be win-win. Both parties should expect to gain something from a partnership whether that be monetary, marketing reach or brand exposure – the results should speak for themselves and allow both partners to sit down after any collaboration and be able to easily identify where and how there was value in the agreement for both parties.

If we work with you towards an event, we will ensure that it is less of a service and more of a partnership. What I mean by that is; we will closely and passionately pursue your creative aims whilst demonstrating our own skills and building on our already impressive portfolio of achievements. It might be that we can bring racing drivers from our contacts or our events experience and you may be able to provide a marketing team that can work in synergy with what we’re trying to create together.

For me, it’s not hard to see the huge benefits that different stakeholders can obtain throughout the industry by forming a partnership with one of the industry’s pioneering event agencies and I’m more than happy to discuss how I can help you achieve your marketing and event goals.

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