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Making The Right Broadcasting Choices

Here at Virtually Entertained, we specialise in concepts and ideas within the esports world. In the last few years there has been a huge rise in live streaming via Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and others. Streaming has become accessible, where anyone can broadcast their gaming direct to a captive audience. In 2016, the UK esports Audience grew to 6.5 million people, with 3.1 million watching more than once a month, with an intended 7.5% growth year on year. The global esports audience is projected to reach 385 million in 2017, with 191 million enthusiasts, with the esports economy growing to $696 million, a year-on-year growth of 41.3%.

Simply Race is our sim racing centre in Milton Keynes, with 15 linked simulators. We run various esports sim racing championships throughout the year, enjoying a healthy grid of competitive drivers. We wanted to showcase the talents of the competitors, as well as drive sales and expand the championships.

The challenge was to focus our attention to our local customer base by engaging them in a creative way to show what happens at Simply Race. Different streaming platforms cater for different audiences across the globe, which can make it simple to find viewers, but not customers.

Our broadcasting solution featured:

- Commentary station to allow for up to four independent commentators/presenters

- Broadcasting station with the two independent camera operators, with picture in picture and replay facilities.

- Cameras to showcase and capture the internal atmosphere of the venue

- Provide advertising opportunities for the client’s partners

- Live timing for competitors and viewers to follow the action

- Facility to interact with the audience via social media

Comparing our streaming options, Twitch is tailored to an esports audience with a global reach, whilst YouTube is the default viewing option for many casual viewers. Facebook was chosen as the streaming platform of choice as with a vast quantity of content to choose from online, we wanted to focus on attracting an audience in the local area.

The broadcast attracted 27,200 viewers, with 2000 people engaging with the stream, all within our intended audience. This compromised of the competitors, their friends and families, as well as esports viewers. Immediately after the event, bookings were open for the next round which saw a 40% increase in immediate sales compared to the previous event, being sold out within minutes.

To further prove the concept, we included some unobtrusive branding for a local garage. As a direct result of the virtual trackside marketing, the company benefitted from increased social media traffic and sales leads.

Whether you wish to stream to a focused audience, or across the globe, Virtually Entertained can promote your product utilising our technical expertise and class-leading technology. We have the ability to broadcast concurrently to all the streaming providers maximising your audience and creating a following for your brand or events. Contact us for more information.

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