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"What makes a great event? What makes a great exhibition? What do we want at the end to have achieved?"

These are always the questions that companies ask when looking to showcase their company. Throughout the years the team and I have been running events from small dinner functions to full blown product launches and always ensured a professional and enjoyable experience.

Lets start with Exhibitions stands:

We all know about how some stands look the same with pop up banners, little plastic bags full of little things like a ruler and paperwork that eventually finds the bin because you forgot about them.

How about adding a racing simulator to the stand, but not just one how about two so there can be some healthy competition? Potential customers / clients will automatically be attracted to the simulator this has been proven by our clients that we have previously worked with.

The customer / client is engaged and the conversation can flow as the “ice” has been broken. You are able to do the market research as they await their go on the simulator along with collecting vital marketing data for follow up’s.

To ensure they are engaged, you can add lap times to a web address which you can pass to the client for them to visit and can check back, you never know you may just see them more than once!

In essence it makes the job more enjoyable for the colleagues at the stand, there is plenty of conversation flowing because there is an activity which keeps the customer / client engaged and you are able to gather information and follow up potential leads.

To see what VE can do for you and your next exhibition get in contact with us

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