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Engaging with Generation X/Y

We are in an age of technological revolution. Computing power doubles (on average) every two years. Multiple new breakthroughs in technology happen regularly and you can trust in the younger generations to have their fingers on the pulse and aware of changes, especially in the technology sector.

Give them something they can relate to

The rise of eSports as a global activity has been incredible. The industry has millions of followers and generates up to $500 million in revenue globally.

One of the most important questions to ask is ‘why?’. Gaming 9and its derivative eSports events) is an easily accessible activity for most younger people. Playing games has become natural for these generations and participating in gaming activities both alone and online has become an essential part of growing up for many.

Because participating in eSports activities has such a low entry requirement (if you have the relevant hardware) it makes joining in the community much easier than other competitive sports. Despite many professional eSports players dedicating the vast majority of their time to the activity. It also has the added effect of giving the impression of attainability for many.

The feeling and thought process of ‘I, too, can compete in this activity’ is a powerful motivator. Passionate fans will scour the internet and watch live broadcasts of the game. Being involved and associated with these eSports activities can only be a good thing for corporations and can lead to an increase in positive perception of a brand.

Show them something they aspire to

The accessibility of eSports is a positive for overall audience size but players are always looking for an edge. Hardware envy and admiration is part of the eSports world. Spectators are generally very tech-savvy and will understand the differences between certain equipment. It’s important that events are run with up-to-date hardware and software to show off the very best of technology. This will not only help engagement but also perception of the event.

The world is smaller than ever

You can reach younger generations anywhere, anytime, anyplace. The internet has bought us closer together than ever and has allowed communities of people that would never normally interact in seconds across the world.

Using social media in conjunction with eSports events we can broadcast an event anywhere in the world to everyone in the world.

Be Interactive

Generation X/Y respond well to companies and events that interact playfully. The beauty of co-ordinating an eSports live broadcast on a social media platform is that it allows members of the public to make a comment and talk to the people running the event in real-time.

Our broadcasting software also allows us to display Tweets and Facebook comments directly into the video broadcast to really allow viewers feel like they are involved.


The younger generations are more technologically aware than any generations before them. This gives brands unprecedented access to communicate with their target market. With gaming being one of the primary activities of younger people, it’s an excellent opportunity to engage in person and online.

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