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F1 Simulator Hire  - 1 Day 

1 Sim   - £790

2 Sims - £890

3 Sims - £1305

4 Sims - £1655 

5 Sims - £2005 

6 Sims - £2330 

GT Simulator Hire - 1 Day  

1 Sim   - £840

2 Sims - £940  

** All prices are subject to UK VAT 

* 25% Discount available for additional hire days


  • Setup Day - 50% of 1st Day Hire Cost

  • Additional Simulator 6+ - £350 per simulator

  • VR - £65 per simulator per day

  • 43” TV Digital Leaderboard - £100 per event

  • Long Day Surcharge -  + 10% simulator cost per hour

  • London Surcharge - £150 per event

  • Mileage Cost - £1 per mile over 100 miles

  • Hotel Rate - £150 per person per day

  • Simulator Branding from £50 per sim 

  • In game branding from £200 


  • Where 1-2 Simulators are provided, client to provide a suitably manual handling trained individual to assist with loading/unloading from van.

  • Simulator Prices include transport costs within a 100 mile radius from Silverstone Circuit 

  • Additional mileage over 100 miles is £1 per mile

  • A standard day is 8 hours (to include setup)

  • Normal setup time is 2-3 hours

  • If required, the team can setup the day before but this will cost 50% of the full day rate + accommodation costs

·    Pricing is exclusive of VAT

How much do the simulators cost?

 Our prices start at £790 + VAT, our full price list is available on the pricing page on our website.


What is included in the cost?

 The cost includes all transportation required, up to 8 hours (including installation which is approximately 2 hours), a member of our team to set up and run the simulators for you for the duration of your event and the use of our “Top Gear” style leader board.


Can the simulators be branded with our company logo?

 Yes, we have several branding packages available starting at £42 + VAT. We are able to brand the back of the simulator seat, the base of the simulator, our “Top Gear” style leader board and can also offer in-game branding options too.


How many simulators do you have?

 We have 16 F1 style simulators and 2 GT style simulators.


Do your simulators come with someone to operate them?

 Yes, our simulator hire cost includes a member of our team to set up and run the simulators for you for the duration of your event.


What are your payment terms?

 We require a 50% deposit payment to confirm your booking with the remaining 50% due two weeks prior to your event. If your event is within 30 days, we would require full payment to confirm your booking.


How much power is required?

 Each simulator or pair of simulators require 1x13amp power socket.


Do we need WiFi?

 WiFi will be required if you wish your guests to be able to race head-to-head. If you would prefer a time-trial format, no WiFi will be required.


What size are the simulators?

 Each simulator is 0.6m wide by 1.6m long.


How much space do we need for a simulator?

 We advise to allow a space of 1m wide by 2m long per simulator to ensure room for guests to get in and out of the simulator.


Is there a minimum and maximum height for participants?

 The minimum height of participants is 1.4m there is no real maximum height.

How long does it take to set up the simulators?

 Set up is approximately 2 hours although we may need longer for a large amount of simulators.


What platform do the simulators run on?

 We are able to offer a wide variety of options, most popular are F1 22 and GT Sport but we can also offer DiRT Rally 2.0, GRID, Assetto Corsa Competizione and rFactor 2.


What format will you run the simulators in?

 We can run in several different formats depending on which will best suit your event. We can offer a time trial option where all simulators run individually with a leader board so guests are competing to achieve the fastest lap. We can offer a head-to head racing option where all simulators are linked so guests are racing on track at the same time with practice, heats and finals in a knockout competition. We can also offer a hybrid of both where we initially start with time trials and then have a linked up race for those at the top of the leader board at the end of the day.

What access requirements do you have?

 Our flight-cased simulators are 0.7m wide by 1.6m long by 1.2m high (if going upright they are 0.7m wide by 1.75m high by 1.2m long) so all doorways to access the event space will need to be able to accommodate these dimensions.

If the event is not on the ground floor we will need access to an appropriately sized lift.

We will require parking near to the venue for a delivery vehicle (6.9m long, 2.2m wide, 3.2m tall) with no height restrictions. Where 1-2 simulators are provided, we will need the client to provide a suitably manual handling trained individual to assist with loading/unloading from the van.

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