September 1, 2017

McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer is a unique esports competition where the overall winner will be offered a role as one of McLaren’s official F1 simulator drivers for the 2018 season. The role involves working with McLaren engineers to develop and improve the machinery...

July 19, 2017

I think that it’s really important that you closely examine why you entered business. Was it for fame, fortune or something bigger? Of course, all of us want financial stability for yourself and your family but for me there’s something more important – what are you aim...

July 19, 2017

Sim racing is the only esport which replicates real life. Drivers can virtually go to any circuit with any car, spend hours perfecting the driving line and learning the track for a fraction of the cost of reality. Imagine the frustration of transporting a car and race...

July 14, 2017

One of the fundamental aspects of motorsport will always be sportsmanship. To take to a race track with a powerful vehicle and run side by side with another competitor inches away requires talent, guts, bravery but most importantly, sportsmanship. Neither driver wants...

July 13, 2017

You may or may not have seen or heard about Ross Brawn (F1 Sporting Director) talking about the potential for gaming to improve the spectacle in F1. He touts ideas such as “if we change the aero property of the cars and that is fed into their community, does that creat...

July 10, 2017

Here at Virtually Entertained, we specialise in concepts and ideas within the esports world. In the last few years there has been a huge rise in live streaming via Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and others. Streaming has become accessible, where anyone can broadcast their g...

July 10, 2017

"What makes a great event? What makes a great exhibition? What do we want at the end to have achieved?"

These are always the questions that companies ask when looking to showcase their company. Throughout the years the team and I have been running events from small dinn...

July 10, 2017

Yes. And it can be quite profitable too. 

Depending on the game, millions of dollars of prize winnings and sponsorship went to certain gamers last year. The global prize money for 2016 $95mil.

The biggest trend in the prize money pool is where the money is earnt. Whilst...

April 22, 2017

We are in an age of technological revolution. Computing power doubles (on average) every two years. Multiple new breakthroughs in technology happen regularly and you can trust in the younger generations to have their fingers on the pulse and aware of changes, especiall...

April 20, 2017

If a tree falls in the middle of a forest and there's no-one around to see it, did it even happen?

Okay so that may be a little bit cheesy. However, the point stands that the work that goes into your event shouldn't necessarily be confined to just people who can physica...

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